Global Pandemic
Data Center Infrastructure vs. Operations & Maintenance


Hosted by IDCA Chairman


If it were not for data centers, life as we know it would stop with the global economic shutdowns. Data centers are the reason companies, governments and individuals are able to keep key parts of the economy operating. In the midst of the crisis, data center infrastructure and personnel work hand-in-hand to keep our economy and vital organs of our society still performing.

Topics Covered

  • Can our data center infrastructure run independent of its operations team?
  • Would a state-of-the-art, bulletproof, infrastructure be needless of its operational personnel?
  • Will automation make the presence of operations staff unnecessary?
  • For how long can a typical data center run without operational involvement?
  • What classifies as mission-critical task?
  • When do data center personnel really need to be on-site?
  • What precautions must be taken for on-site personnel and operational teams in order to keep the data center staff safe?
  • What assumptions about the operation of infrastructure and data centers can be made to break in the new normal?
  • What are the best means of protecting organizations’ resources, namely their personnel?

Invited Speakers

  • Mehdi Paryavi
  • John Bowman
    DEAChief Data Center Management
  • Mário Sergio Rachid
    EmbratelExecutive Director
  • Paul Greenley
    VodafonePrincipal Manager
    DC Infrastructure
  • Karl Rose
    BloombergDC Project Manager
  • Rich Banta
    Lifeline DCCo-Owner