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    The Infinity Paradigm redefines the way Information Technology systems and mission critical facilities infrastructure are designed, implemented, operated, and evaluated, optimizing them for the purpose they are intended to fulfill.

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    International Data Center Authority (IDCA) was established with the mission to streamline, structure, educate and give direction to the data center industry. Formed by data center industry veteran who realized the problems facing the industry and decided to do something about it.

    IDCA is becoming the standard reference for the data center industry in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, gaining overwhelming rapid global popularity.

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Redefining the Data Center

A Data Center (DC) is the Infrastructure supporting the Application Ecosystem (AE).
A Data Center Node (DCN) is a combination of physical Site, SFI and ITI supporting AE at a specific topology node.
A Data Center Cloud (DCC) is a set of data center nodes arranged in a specific Topology.

Application Ecosystem (AE)

The Application exists and fulfils its purpose through the support of a holistic and dynamic ecosystem of interdependent logical & physical infrastructure and operational practices.

Infinity Paradigm®: The Path Forward

Established by the International Data Center Authority, The Infinity Paradigm® is the fundamental framework for organizations to reduce business risk, and optimize & align performance with defined business requirements. It is the framework for visualizing and analyzing an entire information technology system as a holistic and dynamic model, in a manner that qualitatively and quantitatively illustrates the myriad of interdependencies of its various supporting components. This model is called the Application Ecosystem™, and it is comprised of various physical layers of technical infrastructure as well as some conceptual or logical layers that are derived from those physical layers.

Infinity Paradigm Features



The Infinity Paradigm® was founded on the basis of bridging existing industry gaps. It enforces a comprehensive view of the logical and physical aspects of information technology, data centers, and Cloud, as well as their investments, designs, infrastructure, personnel, performance metrics, overall operations, and management.


One of the Infinity Paradigm’s core missions is ensuring effectiveness via the notion of practicality. Its framework matrix empowers all stakeholders with a practical, intuitive, detailed and holistic understanding of the entire ecosystem.


From the optimization of programming code, to the optimization of precision cooling on the data center floor, to the optimization of operational procedures, the Infinity Paradigm® maintains a consistent focus on efficiency at every layer and in every phase of operations. It also helps to illustrate the efficiency cost of standards and regulatory compliance, and also the efficiency benefits of various design choices.


Virtualization and Cloud are foundational elements of modern information technology platforms. The Infinity Paradigm® proudly takes the initiative to be the first and foremost cloud-inclusive holistic standards framework, not simply through the inclusion of virtualization and cloud guidance at the compute or platform layer, but rather by including it at every layer and within every efficacy.


The Infinity Paradigm® was designed to bring the world’s best and brightest together, allowing all cloud, application, information technology, facility and data center stakeholders to enjoy the synergy that globalized collaboration can provide. It also factors in the unique operational characteristics and challenges that can occur when topologies span across multiple countries or continents.


Infinity Paradigm® is extensible and adaptable to localized technical, language, environmental, regulatory, political, and industrial requirements and capabilities. This unprecedented level of “reality-centric” adaptability allows for ease of access, enhanced efficiency, safety, compliance and effectiveness.

Operation Conducive

Operational conduciveness is a foundational element of the Infinity Paradigm®. The industry has favored availability and resilience over operational effectiveness for far too long. IDCA’s philosophy dictates that an infrastructure’s availability, capacity, security, safety, compliance, etc. cannot be measured unless its operational requirements are fully evaluated and met. Only a demonstrable operational competency with each component’s individual function and the interdependencies between components will fulfill Infinity Paradigm’s requirements of compliance.


IDCA is the first organization worldwide to formally recognize, define and promote the Application centric nature of the entire technology stack, by introducing the concept of the Application EcosystemSM and even going so far as to redefine the data center itself as "The infrastructure supporting the Application Ecosystem". The Infinity Paradigm® Standards Framework is entirely based on this application centric approach. This creates a laser sharp focus on the end goal at every layer of the technology stack, and helps to ensure alignment of all systems and technologies toward that one objective.

The Data Center Grading System


Standardize on Infinity Paradigm!

IDCA takes pride in being the first organization worldwide to encourage and lead open communication and collaboration on data center standards development. IDCA promotes collaborative efforts and allows workgroups to work closely by taking part in IDCA’s mission to develop highly comprehensive, effective, application-specific data center standards as the basis of catering specialized and localized needs, thus filling all existing industry gaps and enabling the enhancement and further development of data center's key areas of strength. By taking part in the collaborative standardization, which is first of its kind in the data center industry, one will be amazed of how the input of wide array of expertise from diverse inputs can result in values greater than sum of its inputs and how simplicity is the key for making it all comes together, making the complex world of data centers applicable and practical for all. No matter how great or little individual inputs maybe, it takes three steps to take part in the development of the greatest data center standard in the making!


AJoin the world’s elite and undergo IDCA certified data center education! Get on top of data center industry & trends, infrastructure & best practices, learn about the Infinity Paradigm and get full grasp of the entire Application Ecosystem (AE) ℠.


BJoin in. Put your know-how into motion. Push yourself to the limits of thinking outside the box. Collaborate with professionals in the industry, give inputs and take feedbacks and be part of the development of the future shaping, Infinity-based, data center standards.


CContribute to the world! Take part of the movement that shares its gains with data center world at large, for a better information world with clean, available and effective data centers, on the path to INFINITY!
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To Infinity Paradigm and Beyond