Global Pandemic
COVID-19 Data Center Industry Impacts & Predictions


Hosted by IDCA Chairman


The data center industry has proven to be a savior for the industry verticals that are surviving the pandemic. Certain providers are pushing their limits of availability and capacity, while others have excess capacity. How will this pandemic change the face of the data center industry during the crisis and post this era?

Topics Covered

  • Will the world see more data centers post COVID-19 pandemic or less?
  • What is the impact to the commercial cloud?
  • What is the impact to co-location, and managed hosting market segments?
  • What can be done with the under utilized data center infrastructure in the industries that are witnessing a decline in demand/use?
  • How can data centers that are currently being overloaded with demand keep on maintaining their quality of service without needing to build new white floor space during the pandemic?
  • If excess capacities are provisioned, will they be utilized post-pandemic?
  • What are key plans of actions for data center providers in the months/years to come?


  • Mehdi Paryavi
  • Rich Banta
    Lifeline DCCo-Owner
  • Joseph Yuen
    Hong Kong Federation of E-CommerceChairman
  • Mark Thiele
    IDCACommittee Chair