International Data Center Authority (IDCA) mission is to establish data center selection, design, implementation and operation guidelines, based on learned lessons of the past, realities of the present, and the road ahead. IDCA standards carefully select the best and most effective practices and address key challenges with exceptional insight. This effort is tailored to serve comprehensive levels of data center requirements, catering for all industry sectors and verticals.
IDCA is dedicated to amalgamating the knowledgebase of Data Center Mission Critical systems and the complementing Information & Communication Technology (ICT) systems of today, alongside the emerging technologies, and applying this knowledge in the most beneficial and practical manner, to ensure Data Center Standardization becomes not merely a promise, but a reality.

“In this day and age where information security is a matter of national security, efficiency is a matter of saving the world, capacity is a matter of fulfilling promises, availability and resilience are matters of retaining business, having visionary standards that care comprehensively, face and address challenges, solve real-world problems, and build a common ground for all stakeholders with practical benchmarks and applicable requirements sets the stage for the ever-evolving data center industry to revamp itself into a formulated, structured, organized, understood and united front to set the foundations for our future generations.”


The Infinity Paradigm®

The Infinity Paradigm is the paradigm that will cause a paradigm-shift in the data center industry and reshape the face of the data center and information technology delivery industry, as was once known.

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Data Center Standards

IDCA promotes collaborative efforts and allows workgroups to work closely by taking part in IDCA’s mission to develop highly comprehensive, effective, application-specific data center standards

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