IDCA has designed the cyber security training course modules in a unique manner, focusing on the essentials for the executives, engineers, managers, architects, consultants, technicians and operators to design, select, build, and manage their cyber security from A to Z. IDCA takes professionals through fundamental security elements, leading to advanced comprehension of cyber components, standards, best practices, policies, technologies and latest trends. All IDCA cyber security training courses cover a wide range of topics, which are accompanied by live examples, hands-on case studies, and group activities. Classes can be attended in-classroom, virtual and online, at public venues as well as private sessions available to enterprise groups.


Become IDCA Certified

IDCA certified courses are based on a well-defined ladder ascending advancement program. Applicants of all diversities and backgrounds start from the Cyber Security Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS)® course, which teaches them the foundations of cyber security, cyber security infrastructure, cyber security components, principles and standards. From there, professionals can either pursue the Management track or the Expert track. By pursuing the Expert track the Cyber Security Engineering Specialist (CSES)® course, which comprehensively covers the engineering and design aspects of cyber security, must be successfully completed. This is while the Management track requires the successful completion of the Cyber Security Operations Specialist (CSOS)® course, which gives a holistic view of the cyber security landscape, ongoing threats and the effective approach to keeping the entire enterprise safe and running beyond the network perimeter, third party risk, compliance to industry and regulatory requirements and having in place an effective incident response mechanism, to deal with the ever present cyber threats. These courses render in-depth views and insight to the values, complications, and parameters of different applications and latest cyber security industry trends and recommendations within the cyber industry and its evolving community. Taking CSOS® and CSES® courses in combination with CSIS® are popular choices by IDCA attendees. By successful completion of both CSIS® and CSES®, professionals are automatically awarded a third certificate: Cyber Security Infrastructure Expert (CSIE)®. Likewise, by successfully completing both CSIS® and CSOS® professionals are awarded a third certificate: Cyber Security Operations Manager (CSOM)®. Upon obtaining either CSOM® or CSIE® status, individuals become qualified for taking the breathtaking Cyber Security Technology Professional (CSTP)® course, covering live comparisons and practical measures of actual technologies used in the application ecosystem stack pertaining to the cloud. By the completion of CSTP®, CSOM® status automatically gets promoted to a Cyber Security Manager (CSM)®, and a CSIE® is automatically promoted to a Cyber Security Expert (CSE)® in pursuit of becoming a Cyber Security Authority (CSA)®, which requires fulfilling CSA® criteria and thesis.

IDCA Cyber Security Course Modules

IDCA offers a wide range of educational professional training programs geared specifically to the Cyber Security:

Who Takes IDCA Cyber Security Courses?

The IDCA cyber security courses are suited for anyone that works in the information technology space and deals with information security as pertained for application delivery and development, cloud, data centers, and/or serves security services or receives services from security testers. IDCA cyber security courses are designed to empower all cyber stakeholders who are involved at any layer of the Application Ecosystem (AE). IDCA cyber security training courses empower Executives, Directors & Managers to Define, Devise, Select, Implement, and Manage Cyber Security effectively and render in-depth knowledge and real-world expertise to Engineers, Architects, Operators, Designers, Project Managers, Technicians, Consultants, Trainers, and Auditors. Till date, professionals from world's largest institutions have attended IDCA courses and benefited from the effective delivery of IDCA's up-to-date, vendor-agnostic, unbiased, comprehensive, to-the-point, and vast knowledge-base.
Following a solemn quest to recognize the most knowledgeable experts in the cybersecurity field, only carefully selected professionals with seasoned cybersecurity design, build, & management experience who also exhibit years of outstanding industry teaching and research capabilities, who successfully completed rigorous IDCA cybersecurity lecturer and instructor programs are certified and licensed by IDCA, Cybersecurity Certified Instructor (CSCI)®️ are allowed to deliver the courses. IDCA courses are only available through IDCA Licensed Educational Institutions.

How IDCA Cyber Security Courses are delivered?

IDCA governs, with close attention, the implementation of its stringent policies and measures for quality of delivery and conducting methods of IDCA cyber security training courses. IDCA cyber security training courses are structured to encourage dynamic participation, group activities and open dialogs rather than monologue lectures. IDCA cyber security training courses are embedded with a wide array of problem-solving exercises and activities that ensure the learned content, clearly digest and become applicable for live cloud world interactions. All IDCA courses around the world are delivered by licensed educational institutions, regularly audited with controlled oversight and involve official respondent feedback and customer survey forms for which IDCA takes pride in having an overwhelming 99.996% absolute satisfaction from attendees to its certification programs.
The foundations of the cybersecurity training courses are based on IDCA Infinity Paradigm®️ and its inhabiting IDCA guidelines and principles. IDCA also takes advantage of the disciplines of its predecessors and selectively brings together the best disciplines that are in-line with modern-day needs. Based on evolving advancements in the cybersecurity industry, live examples and practical case studies of world's leading cybersecurity pioneers, IDCA depicts a level of deep comprehension in the cybersecurity field that is truly needed on the job today. IDCA recognizes and utilizes competencies of wide range of international standards that are specific to their domains, such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Cybersecurity Standards Customer Council, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Global Inter-Cybersecurity Technology Forum (GICTF), International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Open Grid Forum (OGF), Open Cybersecurity Consortium (OCC), OpenCybersecurity Connect, TM Forum, Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), etc. and many other industry standards, best practices and trends, are enhanced via hands-on proficiency of cybersecurity industry experts around the globe. IDCA standards framework recognizes that the earlier disciplines do not cater the required comprehensive value to the end-user nor deliver the cybersecurity vision that IDCA aims to shape for maintaining a prosperous cybersecurity industry. Therefore, IDCA spends a great deal of effort in highlighting the identified gaps in the cybersecurity industry and provides a clear and efficient road-map for the modern approach, selection, design, operation, and various processes and methodologies of the Cybersecurity.
All IDCA courses are inclusive of examination and certification, upon obtaining passing mark. IDCA examinations do not emphasize on memorization of content, rather a deep comprehension of the material. Therefore, all exams are multiple-choice, online and open-book. For further questions including exam locations, retakes and fees, please contact your training provider.
IDCA provides cybersecurity training and certification courses worldwide via its accredited and authorized training providers around the globe, who are offering certified IDCA cybersecurity courses on a regular basis. All authorized providers have been through rigorous IDCA certification processes and have had their instructors, facilities and delivery processes reviewed and approved by IDCA.
To inquire about your local training provider, you can contact [email protected]. To apply to become a licensed local provider, you can contact [email protected]. Furthermore, a key ingredient of why IDCA's cybersecurity training programs are so effective, up-to-date and ahead of the cybersecurity curve is IDCA's constant involvement with the professionals on the ground. Therefore, to stay in touch and to constantly engage with the actual end-users, technicians, specialists, operators, and executives at both national and international levels, IDCA does certain carefully selected and planned elite events on an annual basis. These exclusive and personal education tours are training events that IDCA directly conducts in major cities around the world. If you would like to attend one of these events, you must inquire for availability first via [email protected].