This course is for professionals who are involved in the day-to-day operation or operational planning of Cloud infrastructure for the companies or clients. CLOS® provides a comprehensive approach and standardized techniques for the management of Cloud implementations of all sizes. The course offers simplified methods for the seamless operation of complex Cloud architectures. Throughout the course, vital operational parameters such as capacity planning, resource management, SLA / OLA management, RTO / RPO maintenance, efficiency management, maintenance regimes, policies and procedures, processes and controls, standards and compliances will be decomposed and explore their constituents.


CLOS® Syllabus


Introduction to Cloud Operations

  • Operations Overview
  • Cloud Operational Components
  • Cloud Key Players
  • Cloud Operational Tools and Techniques
  • Cloud Standards
  • How and Where to Get Help

Cloud Operations Process

  • The Cloud OPS
  • Phased Cloud Process
  • Adaptive Need Management
  • Understanding The Application
  • Delivering Application Output

Cloud Compliance

  • Cloud Classes and Grades
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Cloud Audit
  • Cloud Certification
  • Cloud Certification Types
  • Cloud Standards, Frameworks and BPs
  • The Infinity Paradigm® (Review)

Cloud Grading Systems

  • Cloud Grade Levels
  • AER®, OER®, EER®, RER®, IER®, CER®, SER®
  • Efficacy Score Rating (ESR)®

Quality Systems

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Improvement

Business Continuity

  • Cloud Risk Factors
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • RPO
  • RTO
  • Disaster Recovery Planning for Cloud

Cloud Organizational Structure

  • Cloud Stakeholders
  • Open Process Framework
  • Cloud Operations Management Team
    • Cloud Business Manager
    • Cloud Topology Manager
    • Cloud Operations Manager
    • Cloud Security Manager
    • Cloud Design & Architecture Team
    • Cloud Engineering Team
    • Cloud Implementation Team
    • Cloud Response Team
    • Cloud Maintenance Team
    • Cloud [no-lexicon]R&D[/no-lexicon] Team

Cloud Operations for Availability

  • Cloud Availability Sustainability
  • Managing Cloud Availability
  • Operational Resource Availability
  • Cloud Vendor Availability
  • SLA/OLA Management
  • RPO Planning and Management

Cloud Security

  • Cloud Security Management
  • Cloud Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cloud Security Compliance
  • Cloud Security Documentation
  • Cloud Ecosystem Security Day-to-Day Operation

Cloud Capacity

  • Cloud Capacity Planning
  • Optimum Cloud Capacity Utilization
  • Cloud Operational Scalability
  • Cloud Capacity Management

Cloud Efficiency

  • Cloud Efficiency Management
  • Cloud Efficiency Improvement
  • Cloud Efficiency Assessment
  • Cloud Energy Efficiency Policies
  • Efficient Resource Management
  • OpEx Optimization and Cost Reduction
  • Enhanced Operational Productivity

Cloud Resilience

  • Cloud Resilience Assessment
  • Cloud Failover Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Delivering RTO
  • Incident Detection
  • Disaster Response Management
  • Disaster Recovery Management

Cloud Operations

  • Cloud Operational Conduciveness
  • Minimizing Cloud Operational Resources
  • Cloud OpEx Reduction Dos and Don’ts
  • Measuring Cloud Operational Effectiveness
  • Cloud Ecosystem Human Resource Management
  • Streamline Cloud Maintenance & Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Documentation Management and Control
  • Processes and Procedures Management

Cloud Innovations

  • Operating Innovative Cloud
  • Foster Innovation within Cloud Ecosystem
  • Innovating Cloud Policies
  • Technology Innovation and Knowledge Sharing
  • Process and Method Innovation
  • Innovation for Corporate Gain
  • Innovation for Industry Evolution



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