CLIS is fundamental for cloud stakeholders ranging from Cloud executives to Cloud operators, architects, engineers, and technicians. It covers disciplinary concepts of virtualized infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, technologies, trends, components and concepts. The course covers end-to-end coverage of Cloud methodologies, standards and approach as well as comprehensive foundations on Cloud models and infrastructure with relation to Application Ecosystem® efficacies of availability, security, efficiency, innovation, capacity, resilience and operation.


CLIS® Syllabus


Cloud Overview

  • Cloud History
  • Cloud Definitions
  • The Cloud Beast
  • Cloud Downtime & Outages
  • Present Cloud Standards
  • Future of Cloud Standards

The Infinity Paradigm®

  • Application Ecosystem (AE)®
  • Core & Pyramid Models
  • The Organization
  • The 7 Abstraction Layers
    • Application Layer
    • Platform Layer
    • Compute Layer
    • ITI Layer
    • SFI Layer
    • Site Layer
    • Topology Layer
  • Application Delivery Model (ADM)
  • Application Delivery Infrastructure (ADI)
  • Data Center Node (DCN)
  • Logical Infrastructure
  • Physical Infrastructure

Cloud Grading Systems

  • Data Center Tiers & Classes
  • Cloud Grade Levels
  • AER®, OER®, EER®, RER®, IER®, CER®, SER®
  • Efficacy Score Rating (ESR)®

Cloud Classifications

  • Cloud Grades
  • Cloud Types
  • Cloud Disciplines

Cloud Stakeholders

  • Cloud providers
  • Cloud end-users
  • Cloud specialists
  • Cloud operators
  • Cloud investors

Cloud Syndrome

  • Cloud Strengths
  • Cloud Weaknesses
  • Cloud Hot-points

Cloud Development Cycle

  • Cloud Efficacies
  • Cloud Development Process
  • Cloud Sustainability

Cloud Transition

  • Digital Transition
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Consolidation
  • Cloud Diversification
  • Cloud Maturity

Cloud Delivery Models

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Availability

  • Cloud Redundancy
  • Cloud High-Availability
  • Cloud Availability Limitations
  • Cloud Availability Possibilities

Cloud Security

  • Cloud Physical Security
  • Cloud Cyber Security
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Cloud Privacy
  • Cloud Ecosystem Security

Cloud Capacity

  • Cloud Throughput Capacity
  • Cloud Scaling and Expansion Capacity
  • Cloud Change Capacity
  • Cloud Operational Capacity

Cloud Efficiency

  • Cloud Design Efficiency
  • Cloud Energy Efficiency
  • Cloud Resource Efficiency
  • Cloud Policy Efficiency
  • Cloud Management Efficiency

Cloud Resilience

  • Cloud Resilience Principles
  • Cloud Failover
  • Cloud Load Balancing
  • Cloud RTO
  • Cloud Recovery

Cloud Operations

  • Cloud Operational Conduciveness
  • Cloud Operational Resources
  • Cloud OpEx
  • Cloud Operational Tools
  • Cloud Maintenance & Management

Cloud Innovations

  • Cloud Trends
  • Innovative Methods
  • Innovative Technologies



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