This course is for professionals who intend to become experts in the Cloud engineering & design. CLES® participants will be trained on architecture and design aspects of Cloud infrastructure. Professionals will be taken through engineering disciplines of Cloud and devising Application Ecosystem efficacies of availability, security, efficiency, security, innovation, capacity, resilience and operational conduciveness for Cloud infrastructure. The course offers extensive information Cloud capacities and vulnerabilities for Cloud designers, engineers, auditors, and consultants. CLES® will provide the design knowledge necessary for engineers to plan robust Cloud implementations and empowers stakeholders with tools to precisely upraise Cloud architectures and methods.


CLES® Syllabus


Introduction to Cloud Engineering

  • Engineering Importance
  • Cloud Components
  • Cloud Key Players
  • Cloud Tools and Techniques
  • Cloud Standards
  • How and Where to Get Help

Cloud Engineering Process

  • The Cloud EPS
  • Phased Cloud Process
  • Adaptive Need Conversion
  • Understanding The Application
  • Application Architecture
  • TPS, ETT, CCU, Load and Complexity Factor

  • Cloud Grading Systems

    • Cloud Grading Systems
    • AER®, OER®, EER®, RER®, IER®, CER®, SER®
    • Efficacy Score Rating (ESR)®

    • Cloud Classifications

      • Cloud Classes and Grades
      • Cloud Types
      • Cloud Definitions and Options
      • The Infinity Paradigm® (Review)
      • Cloud Standard Requirements
      • Cloud Designing with Limitations

Cloud Availability Engineering

  • Types of Availability
  • Standard Cloud Availability Techniques
  • Calculating Availability
  • Engineering Redundancy
  • Cloud Mergers and Overlaps

Cloud Security

  • Types of Security
  • Standard Cloud Security Techniques
  • Designing Cloud Security
  • Cloud Cyber Security Architecture
  • Cloud Ecosystem Security Engineering

Cloud Capacity

  • Cloud Throughput Capacity Engineering
  • Design Cloud for Scale
  • Cloud Capacity Elasticity Engineering
  • Cloud Capacity Optimization

Cloud Efficiency

  • Cloud Efficiency Layers
  • Cloud Design Efficiency
  • Cloud Efficiency Measurements
  • Designing for Cloud Energy Efficiency
  • Engineering Resource Utilization & Efficiency
  • Calculating Cloud Efficiency

Cloud Resilience

  • Resilient Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Failover Engineering
  • Designing Cloud Load Diversification
  • Calculating Cloud Resilience
  • Cloud Recovery Engineering

Cloud Operations

  • Engineering for Cloud Operational Conduciveness
  • Designing for Minimal Cloud Operational Resources
  • Engineer for Cloud OpEx Reduction
  • Designing for Cloud Operational Tools Effectiveness
  • Engineering for Simplified Cloud Maintenance & Management

  • Cloud Innovations

    • Innovational Awakening in Cloud Engineering
    • Innovating Cloud Methods
    • Adopting Innovative Cloud Solution
    • Defining Innovative Technologies

    • Examination


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