Operation Audit and Certification


Audited by Certified IDCA Auditors

Audit Specifications

IT operation audit will entail a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the established operation measures to ensure proper operation of the IT environment under review. IDCA IT operation audits will involve the assessment of the following elements:

Areas Covered in this Audit

  • IT Operation Procedures & Policies
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • IT Operations Training
  • IT Operation Personnel
  • IT Operation and Maintenance Budget
  • IT Operational Implementation
  • IT Operation Effectiveness
  • IT Operation QA, QC and QI
  • IT 3rd Parties & Operation Measures
  • Physical & Logical Oversight Across IT Layers
“Ensuring safe operation for every environment.”

Operation Efficacy Rating

For the IT Audit, the effectiveness, ability and value of safety and security of the organization’s IT is measured and an OER® rating is provided.