Availability Audit and Certification


Audited by Certified IDCA Auditors

Audit Specifications

IT availability audit will entail a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the true availability vulnerabilities and capabilities of the IT environment under review. IDCA IT availability audits will involve the assessment of the following elements:

Areas Covered in this Audit

  • Application Availability
  • Platform Availability
  • Compute Availability
  • ITI Availability
  • Topology Availability
  • IT Resource Availability
  • IT Redundancy Management
  • IT Budget Availability IT Feasibility
  • IT Documentations, Policy and Oversight Availability
  • IT SLA and OLA Enforcement
  • IT 3rd-Party Availability

Availability Efficacy Rating

For the IT Audit, the effectiveness, ability and value of safety and security of the organization’s IT is measured and an AER® rating is provided.