Resilience Audit and Certification


Audited by Certified IDCA Auditors

Audit Specifications

Data center resilience audit will entail a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the true resilience vulnerabilities and capabilities of the data center under review. IDCA data center resilience audits will involve the assessment of the following elements:

Areas Covered in this Audit

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • BCP and DRP Feasibility
  • Application Resilience
  • Platform and Compute Resilience
  • Data Center Infrastructure and System Resilience
  • Topology, Site, SFI and ITI Resilience
  • Operational Resilience
  • NOC Resilience
  • HR Resilience
  • Financial Resilience
  • Business Resilience
“Proving resilient: the capability to rebound, recover and resume seamless data center operation”

Resilience Efficacy Rating

For the Data Center Audit, the effectiveness, ability and value of safety and security of the organization’s Data Center is measured and an RER® rating is provided.