Availability Audit and Certification


Audited by Certified IDCA Auditors

Audit Specifications

Data center availability audit will entail a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the true availability vulnerabilities and capabilities of the data center under review. IDCA data center availability audits will involve the assessment of the following elements:

Areas Covered in this Audit

  • Application Availability
  • Platform Availability
  • Compute Availability
  • ITI Availability
  • SFI Availability
  • Site Availability
  • Topology Availability
  • Data Center Resource Availability
  • Data Center Redundancy Management
  • Budget Availability
  • Data Center Documentations, Policy and Oversight
  • Availability
  • Data Center SLA and OLA Enforcement
  • Data Center 3rd-Party Availability
"Gauging data center availability in full spectrum"

Availability Efficacy Rating

For the Application Audit, the effectiveness, ability and value of safety and security of the organization’s application is measured and an AER® rating is provided.